Steve Hargett, Past President & Director Emeritus

A previously-licensed United States Coast Guard Captain, Veteran, and Principal of Hargett & Tabb Insurance Agency in Gainesville GA, Steve is an avid outdoors man; fishing both inshore and offshore and big-game hunting.  Steve’s passion began like most at an early age when he won the “pool” on an offshore fishing trip at eight years old. Steve has been “hooked” on fishing ever since.

After becoming certified by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) in 2004 as an Observer, Steve has observed on a regular basis.  He is a strong advocate of Billfish conservation and has observed in the U.S., Venezuela, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.  

Steve is furthering his advocacy of conservation and growing the industry by becoming involved with the IGFA by being named as an IGFA International Representative for the State of Georgia.  He has also accepted a position as an Advisory Board Member for Gray Fish Tag Research.  He resigned as President on 1.17.2024 and is recognized and President and Director Emeritus. 

Steve is married to the former Lisa Adams of Shreveport, LA.  Steve and Lisa both have children from previous marriages. They are avid divers and when they have days off during tournaments, you are likely to find them diving or fishing.  

Updated: 1.18.2024


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