Art McDonald, Past Vice President & Director Emeritus

Art McDonald, is a Charter member of the IGFTO since its inception, and has been a  VP & Director of the IGFTO since 2017.  Art has held a USCG Captain's License for over 40 years, completed the IGFA certified training program in 2006, and has owned a series of sport fishing boats.  He has fished all over the world during the past 50 years including Australia, Tahiti, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, the Canary Islands, Venezuela, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Virgin Islands, and Bermuda, in addition to numerous locales in the US.  He is a past IGFA World Record Holder in the men's 16 lb. Test White Marlin category, and has been an IGFTO Observer coordinator for a number of tournaments during the past several years. He is a Principal for a major auto dealership in Nashville, Tennessee and brings strong leadership skills and marketing expertise to our organization.  His son, IGFTO member Art McDonald 11, owns a charter operation in Miami, Fl.  Art is a current member of both The IGFA and The Billfish Foundation.  Art retired on 1.17.2024 and is recognized as Vice President and Director Emeritus.

Updated: 1.18.2024


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