Evan A. Hipsley, Jr.

Evan grew up fishing in both fresh and saltwater environments.  He is an avid recreational fisherman who previously owned his own boat, and has both fished and observed as an, Angler, Captain, Crew Member, and Mate.  The beautiful Florida Panhandle, Pensacola, is his home.

His recreational fishing has been concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico fisheries commensurate with his assignments while in the U.S. Navy.  Commander Hipsley retired in December 2015 after completing 33 years of service to our Nation.  Sea duty is nothing new to Evan, he served at sea aboard 16 different classes of U.S. Navy ships (Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Amphibious Assault), fast-attack submarines, and one U.S.C.G. Cutter.

He is an advanced decision-maker, influential leader, research analyst, and possesses a postgraduate degree, Master’s level, in Information Technology.  Evan joined IGFTO in 2014 after completing IGFA's Observer Training Course in Dania Beach, FL.  He has facilitated several Observer Training Courses in Pensacola and Fort Lauderdale, FL as well as Quepos Costa Rica.  He is a Lifetime Member of both the IGFA and IGFTO and has observed in Aruba, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.  He has been recognized by Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia for gamefish releases, and is a graduate of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Marine Resources Education Program (Fisheries Science, Management, and Aquaculture.)   

He is an active member with the Pensacola Big Game Fishing Club where he served as Dock Master for the Pensacola International Tournament, and is also an active member with the Orange Beach [Alabama] Sportfishing Club where he sits on the Board of Directors, is a recognized Past Vice President, and has served as Weigh Master for the 2019, 2021, and 2022 Kenny Vines Memorial Billfish Tournaments.

Evan is currently serving his fourth year on the Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Advisory Panel to advise the National Marine Fisheries Service on the collection and evaluation of information for developing and amending fishery management plans.

Evan accepted an invitation to join the Board in late 2018, and was voted in at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting during February 2019 held in Los Sueños, Costa Rica.  He was re-elected by unanimous decision during the January 2022 annual Board of Director's Meeting in Los Sueños, Costa Rica to serve another two years on the IGFTO Board.

Updated: 4.9.2023.


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