Lynette Catha, Treasurer

Lynette grew up in Maryland and enjoyed fishing and crabbing on the Eastern Shore.

She received her Associate Degree in accounting and moved to Lake Norman, North Carolina where she managed a multi-million-dollar textile mill for 20+ years. When the textile industry went overseas, she was employed by O’Charley’s for 5 years and went on to own her own establishment.

She moved back to Maryland in 2006 and has been an active Real Estate Agent since that time, selling Real Estate in both Maryland and Delaware.

Lynette is a graduate of the Maryland Association of Realtors® (MAR) Leadership Academy and was honored with the 2012 MAR David E Maclin Humanitarian Award.

Lynette fishes in many tournaments out of Ocean City, which include the Poor Girls, Heels and Reels, and Tuna and Tiers. She also runs the HUK Big Fish Classic, and Fish and Paddle Saltwater Slam. When she’s not selling real estate or fishing, you will find Lynette volunteering her time at the Freeman Arts Pavilion, where she is a board member of the Volunteer Advisory Committee.

Lynette strives to support the study, protect the game fish, and always encourages to promote education about fishing preservation.

Updated 3.1.2024


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