Los Sueños Signature Series Triple Crown – Leg 1, 2018

January 17-20, 2018
Story by: Art McDonald

Los Sueños, Costa Rica - Just the name fills your mind with exotic settings, luxury accommodations, world class food, and, oh, some of the most outrageous fishing on the Planet!

The First Leg of the Los Sueños Triple Crown Series kicked off at the Rules Party the late afternoon of January 17th.  There were 49 boats participating with some of the absolute best anglers and crews anywhere.  By the end of fishing on the 20th, a whopping 598 billfish – 457 Sailfish and 141 Marlin (mostly Blues) had been released.  When the smoke cleared after lines were out at 4:00 PM on the last day, Wire We Here (don’t ya love that name – they’re in the cable business)  claimed the honors for the first of the three legs of the Series, with a final count of 17 Sailfish and 6 Marlin – and a total of 4,700 points.  It was that 6th marlin late on the last day that put them over the top.  Without it, On Location had 4,300 points and actually had released the most billfish of the Tournament:  23 Sailfish and 4 Marlin.  Tag Team 11 finished third with 4100 points:  11 Sailfish & 6 Marlin.  Considering a Sailfish release was 100 points and a Marlin release got 500 points… the lead over the 3 days went back and forth – in fact, there were 22 first-place lead changes and it wasn’t until 45 minutes before final lines out was called that Wire We Here released that last Blue to take a lead they wouldn’t surrender!

IGFTO was aptly represented by 28 Observers, making this the highest number of participants, for a single tournament in our history – Blue Observer shirts were EVERYWHERE!  As usual, Tournament Director Ashley Bretecher, and her assistant, Tina Mueller, showed why this Tournament is one that everyone looks forward to each year….. outstanding organization, and flawless performance.  Yes, the fishing this year was off from last year, at least this leg of the Series…. but, hey, who cares.  The fact that there was a consistent Marlin bite kept the intrigue at its peak the entire 3 days – anyone could have a hot day and win this thing (in fact, there were 8 boats that released 5 Marlin, and 3 boats that released 6 – and, one of the boats (Geaux Fly) released 5 in one day!  How bout that!!!

If you haven’t been to Los Sueños… do yourself a favor:  PUT IT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST!  Once you visit, you’ll truly understand what Pura Vida (pure life) is all about!

See you there next year – or, you lucky folks that will return for Legs 2 and 3 in February and March – I’m jealous!