Los SueƱos Signature Series - Leg 1 2013

January 2013
Story by: J Godwin

By J Godwin
Angler on Tijereta

It was a record year for the Los Suenos Billfish Tournament--1412 billfish--1406 sailfish and 6 marlin. This is the 10th anniversary of this tournament and during that time 10,709 billfish have been caught and released. There were 38 boats participating.

The final results are:
DRAGIN FLY 1st place--62 sails, 1 marlin--$47,000
REBEL 2nd place--57 sails--$28,500
H T HOOK 3rd place--52 sails--$19,000

The tournament enjoyed the typical weather we so much like about Costa Rica. Clear skies, only partly cloudy at times, light winds and calm seas. Long swells with a very light chop was the sea state, 87 degree water that was the blue clear we have come to expect during this time of year.
Our team consisted of myself, Joan Vernon, Sam White, and Bill Easum.

We fished with Capt Bubba Carter on his TIJERETA, a 43' Island Boatworks boat. We ended up with 34 sails and 1 striped marlin.

The TIJERETA has a new fighting chair you might find interesting. It is made by Release Marine and is a unique design I think will work well and save a lot of space in the cockpit--add non-slip material to the deck. See picture below.

There is also a close up picture of the O-ring rigging for ballyhoo. I discussed this technique after my trips to Aruba and Dominican Republic 2 years ago but the pictures show some more detail. These are easier and quicker to rig than the waxed thread X'ed over the mouth. According to the mates that use this method, the hookup rate is much better. Most successful private boats in the Pacific and Caribbean use either swivels or O-rings.

We used a fairly standard set up: 4 rods--2 long riggers and 2 flat, 3 teasers, double dredge, 6' sticks with Tyrnos 30's. 60# fluorocarbon leaders and 25# Momoi Diamond.

Click here for other pictures are of the team, mates, teasers, iguanas, and views from the condo.

If you have not been there, Los Suenos is Paradise within Paradise, beautiful structures and facilities with well manicured lawns and an abundance of exotic shrubs, trees, and flowers in all public areas. By way of contrast, as I write this here in my little slice of Paradise in Virginia Beach it is 29 degrees, wind is 25 knots N, and it is snowing.

Leg II is 12-17 March and I will be there early for the Quepos Maverick Billfish Rodeo 6-9 March. So many fish so little time.
Buena suerte,

 Release Marine Fighting ChairO-Ring rigging for ballyhoo