2021 Los SueƱos Signature Triple Crown Leg 2 and Ladies Only Tournament

February 2021
Story by: Reese Bowles

Hola amigos e amigas

Due to Covid we had a short and simple zoom meeting for all participants and observers. Very convenient. I arrived at 5am to find our observers already lined up with masks on and socially distanced.

Soon Ashley arrived with boat assignments. I greeted everyone and asked if they had any questions. Off they went!

Ladies only on Tuesday:

11 boats departed in beautiful conditions. We ran around Cabo Blanco and up to the north right at the 50-mile limit. I felt as though I could throw a rock and hit the mountains. Fishing with team Galati on a 58 Viking and boasting three excellent lady anglers Fran and Jane Galati along with Sharon Craig on the flat lines. We released 10 sailfish.

D.A. Sea released 22 sails/ Camilla Ingram/Michelle Jenkins/Kelly Stevens/Valerie Dunn

Dragin Fly released 12 sails and 1 marlin! Anna Beckwith/Laura Thomas/Glenda Ramos /Dina Gauthier Larson

Fish Tank released 14 sails  Laura Jessen/Michelle Keeney/Jill Yates/ Amanda Cofer

These ladies have to hook their own fish by IGFA rules!

126 sails and 3 marlins were released

Day 1 of the Triple Crown Leg 2 found us again with perfect conditions and a full moon. We had the most gorgeous sunrise over the mountains. The captains had their plan and the ocean was slick calm. I saw a million rays on the surface on the way out. Funny how they jump and flip like a gymnast always landing with a big splat. I rode with Captain Dave Mothershed on Uno Mas, a 60-foot Bayliss and perennial favorite. They had a ringer named Bill Pino in the pit. Squid Nation?

38 boats fished. Most ran around Cabo Blanco north but spread out when fishing slowed. The fleet seemed to split into 4 groups. Shallow for sails in two separate areas south. The other two groups worked offshore to deeper water.

Blue Eagle and Vaquero kept busy releasing 18 sails each. Team Galati was in it till the end with 16 Releases. War Party saw their early success but slow ending with 14 sail releases.  Pez Collector gained momentum releasing 9 sails and 1 marlin. Southern Pride was excited to release 7 sails and a marlin. It gets busy on the radio! Great Job Ashley! When Day 1 was over anglers had released 354 sails and 2 Blue Marlin.

Day 2

All observers got their assignments and departed and I was assigned D. A. Sea a 50-foot Viking. We ran back to the north. The fishing was exceptional for Smooth Move as they were on fire all day finishing up with 18 sails and 2 marlin releases. Max Bet and Mama Seata finished close behind with 15 sail releases each.

One of the smallest boats in the tournament First Light and their crew from Ocean City had a great day releasing 11 sails and a Marlin. Conditions were right for the bite. We had turtles all over the surface, flying fish, small mahi, even bonito. Later in the day there was a Marlin bite off to the west in deeper water.

Puda Vida/ Numero Uno/Reel Joy/Rajin Cajun/Game Changer/and Scandelous all released a Marlin!

 Watch out for Pez Collector they finished day 2 with another 10 sail releases and a Marlin. Day 2 totals: 312 sails 14 marlins.

Day 3

It was a race to the finish with boats spread all over. I have never seen more beautiful conditions than we had the morning of Day 3. I was assigned to The Tar Heel, a 62-foot Bayliss, beautiful and too fast. Spent the day on the bridge with John Bayliss. What a beautiful yacht. The competitors seemed to spread out with their game plan on the last day.

Blue marlin? Sails?  Shallow? Deep? The Sails were active on day 3 as expected but 22 Marlins were released on day 3.

You cannot underestimate the momentum 500 points gives you. Like jumping on a trampoline. It was right down to the wire on time.  Uno Mas ended day three coming from behind to win with 16 sails and 1 Marlin. Agitator was right in it with 20 sail releases. Max Bet released 19 sails. Blue Eagle and War Party each released 16 sails. Day 3 was epic! An amazing 387 sails and 6 marlins were released.

As certified observers we witnessed 1053 sails and 22 marlin releases.

Check in was good and the virtual meeting was good; check in mornings was well organized, and check out score cards and evaluation cards were all good.

We got a dinner card for each night at any of the Los Sueños restaurants:

Dinner card Night One: All you can eat sushi at Japanese restaurant.

Dinner card Night Two: We ordered Lasagna from Italian restaurant with huge Caesar salad. To go!

Breakfast consisting of a muffin/burrito/fruit bowl/ coffee

Dinner card Night Three: At the beach club. Fried sea bass sandwiches.

Pre-departure Covid Testing: This was done on premises and in a very orderly fashion. Cudos Los Sueños for again providing observers another excellent adventure in paradise!