Bob Stimolo

Bob Stimolo has been fishing offshore and the Northeast Canyons since 1979. He runs the 48-foot Viking Convertible Lynno out of the Connecticut River in the summer. He has held a USCG Captains License since 1990 and fished in over 20 tournaments. Bob is an IGFA trained observer and current member, a member of the Billfish Foundation and the New England Salt Water Fishing Club. Bob regularly observes in billfish tournaments in Florida and Costa Rica.

Bob's goal is to help develop sponsors for the IGFTO to help fund ongoing programs devoted to the conservation of game fish. If you have an interest in finding ways that you can help IGFTO reach its goal, please complete the contact information below.

In his other life, Bob is founder and president of School Market Research Institute, a marketing agency devoted to helping quality educational materials and services reach schools and educators.


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