We have come a long way in the growth of our membership since September, 2009 when we incorporated as International Game Fish Tournament Observers, Inc. At that time we had about 15-18 “charter members” who contributed $175 each to fund the creation of IGFTO. The funds were used to pay the fees to incorporate, create Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, a Mission Statement, business cards, Logo, etc.

As of December 31, 2016 we have 156 members as follows:

Member Donations represents 70% of our total income source. Which is down from previous years as we continue to develop new sources of income.  The public support donations represent Billfish Annual Dinner ticket purchases from fellow members and Buccaneer Tournament donation to help fund some of our IGFTO expenses. The Ships Store income represents sale of IGFTO items.

2016 Income Sources

Our marketing/education expenses represents about 19% of total expenses. They include advertising in BILLFISH magazine, conference room rental, printing and distribution of newsletter, brochures newsletters. Liability insurance coverage equals 18.4% of our total expenses. Our Ships store expenses represent postage and inventory purchases of observer dress shirts for existing and future members. Administrative expense at 11.7% of total expenses and include developement of a new website, post office fees, postage, tax and corporate filings

2016 Income sources