IGFTO Welcomes 11 New Observers

2.18.2020 | Quepos Costa Rica | IGFTO Hosts it's Second Observer Training Course for Calendar Year 2020

February 18, 2020 | Marina Pez Vela | Quepos Costa Rica

IGFTO Directors Steve Hargett and Evan Hipsley, alongwith several other IGFTO Observers, were in attendance for the second Observer Training Course for calendar year 2020. Captains and Fisherpeople looking to participate in big game tournaments attended the half-day interactive course in order to join the International Game Fish Tournament Observers.

IGFTO's goal as an association of game fish tournament observers is to strongly support the existing international game fish tournaments held around the world which advocate release and conservation of the species.

"Our mission, as Tournament Observers, is to dedicate our efforts to the conservation and protection of Game Fish. The organization advocates for release venues in all international game fish tournaments. We support programs that study and protect game fish. We promote education about game fish preservation in the public and private sectors.

Our membership champions other charitable organizations and foundations with similar conservation goals and programs. We are organized to become a conduit for their conservation programs and generate funding sources for their causes."

The next upcoming course is on the schedule for April 25, 2020 in Delray, Beach FL. Organizers are also looking to host a course in Virginia Beach, VA in late August; date to be promulgated later. For more information, navigate to: https://www.igfto.org/news/2/Observer-Training-Courses-Schedule